Diet Diaries – April 2018 Day 1

Diet wise has been nothing short of a disaster so far this year, but I’ve said it so many times, you will see me fail a lot but you will never see me give up. I decided about a week ago that the first of April was “cop on” day and I was going to get serious about losing this weight. Mentally it was good, I had time to accept this in my mind, and I decided to eat whatever I wanted without guilt and enjoy it, and let me tell you that is exactly what I did (well the guilt is always there, that’s hard to ignore!). The last few days I’ve been going through Instagram and YouTube videos of people who have lost a lot of weight, to get myself inspired and motivated, at times it’s been close to stalking! But honestly what an inspiration these people are, it is most definitely my go to when I need a kick up the bum.

So here it is, April 1st 2018, little did I realise it would also be Easter Sunday, the day were its acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I wasn’t going to let this get in my way. I needed to get the healthy shopping in, but here’s where my poor planning failed me again, being Easter Sunday, both Lidl and Aldi were closed, so I needed to go Supervalu the only open grocery shop, which was going to cost me more than it would have if I went to Lidl and Aldi but I suppose I was willing to spend the money on my health but admittingly it was my own damn fault for not checking this out, or go the day before!

So with healthy food in the house and managing to not get any crisps or chocolate in (result!) I needed a plan. I have a very pretty planner I bought before Christmas in Canada so it is about time I utilised it. I’ve been mulling over a few goals the last few days and I have set 7 in total that I feel happy with.

Just as much as I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what I didn’t want to do. Firstly I don’t want to calorie count or measure everything I eat, not this month anyway, I have done that so many times, in fact I don’t remember a time I started a diet plan where I didn’t track, trace, measure and count everything and I know I don’t want to do that anymore. I’d like to think at this stage I know how to eat healthy without doing that, April will be the test, I am going to use mindful eating techniques, eating when hungry, stopping when full, eating what I feel is right and healthy. I am trusting myself to know what to do and already I feel so much more relaxed about it. I will still record what I ate in my planner or photographs on my phone but I won’t be recording what calories were in it.

Exercise is another thing that will not be a focus in April, I do enjoy exercise so I will definitely get into it, right now its causing a lot of pain to my back, which is most likely to do with the weight. If I decide to exercise so be it but I think it will be a goal for May. Here is the goals I have set for April

  1. Mindful eating
  2. Breakfast before work – my morning routine is shocking, I’m up out of bed and running out the door for work, i am setting a new morning routine, that involves enough time to eat breakfast before I even leave the house.
  3. No Fizzy drinks – I drink way too much diet coke
  4. Minimum junk food – because If I say I can have no choc and crisps it will be all I want so If its a plan to have some I am hoping it will trick my mind that I will not have any. And my shopping trip today was quiet successful.
  5. Stop eating around 8pm
  6. Drink more water
  7. Lose 14lbs

Sunday will now be #GetSeriousSunday which will be my day to set me up for the week, I ordered some 3 compartment food containers from Amazon which I hope, I think 10 in total which will help for meal preps, and I am reading a meal prep book for recipe ideas on my kindle. I have weighed myself this morning and tomorrow I will find my measuring tape and do my measurements but I am 257.4lbs which means I am still down 8lbs but I put on 8lbs meaning I undid half of all my hard work, no point dwelling now, lets just fix it.

I will check in this time next week for week 1 weigh in and recap, see you then.

Sharon x

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