Book Review: Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott

This is my second time reading this book…or should I say listening, I am a huge audible fan!! And I loved it even more the second time around, I have read all of Rachel’s books apart from her brand new one “Come a little closer” which is next on my hit list. The series follows the story and cases of DCI Tom Douglas but his story doesn’t really take off until the next few books, this book “Sleep Tight” is centered around Olivia Brookes and her utterly devoted husband Robert. But when does devotion become obsession? The twists and turns, the guessing and slowing the car down so I can listen a little longer, the full truth gets revealed in all its genius at the end and it most certainly didn’t disappoint.

Olivia can’t seem to catch a break, her boyfriend Dan and father of their daughter Jasmine, mysteriously goes missing never to be found again. Devastated and struggling to keep up with repayments on the apartment on her own, Liv decides to sell up and move back home. However, while in the process of moving, she finds both her parents dead after falling victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. Olivia insists this can’t be an accident, her Dad was pedantic when it came to checking the house, but nobody seemed to listen or care. Nobody that is, except for Robert, the man who is buying her apartment and seems to be extremely supportive, so much so he takes Olivia in and lets her stay in the apartment with him until she sorts her life out.

In a blur of emotions, Liv doesn’t know how she would cope if it wasn’t for Robert, he is so wonderfully caring and attentive so six months later when he proposes, it seemed liked the right thing to do. How was she to know he wasn’t what he seemed, and in fact he was so clever that it all seemed too late by the time she figured out the depts of his obsession to have her. Five years had past, Liv and Robert had two children together but Robert had noticed the cracks appearing and showed just how manipulative and evil he could be he threatened Liv with the one thing she was most terrified of, her children’s lives. Thinking it was enough to scare Liv into being his forever, even if she didn’t want to, until maybe it wasn’t.

I would have to say this is a must read, I am a massive fav of the Rachel Abbotts books and don’t feel you will be disappointed in this one. Let me know what you think if you do read it.

Sharon x

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