Book Review: The Next Girl

Well here is is, my first book review. I actually quiet enjoyed this process.

**Advanced reader copy**

The Next Girl by Carla Kovach, the first of the Gina Harte series.

A captivating and intriguing read.

Thank heaven’s for snow days and books like this. I genuinely couldn’t put it down, just look at my stack of dishes and unmopped floor, even though I’ve been snowed in for 3 days now! If you like a good detective led mysterious thriller…quiet like Rachel Abbott’s book series, then you will definitely enjoy this one. And I am so excited to see the second book is in the works already.

The main character is Gina Harte, or Detective Inspector Georgina Harte, a woman who, in a desperate attempt to move on from a troubled past, has plunged herself into work, allowing it to take over her life. Much to the detriment of her relationship with her daughter Hannah and grandchild Gracie, and every other relationship for that matter. And work life shows now signs of slowing down, especially now that new evidence comes to light that the still missing woman, Debbie Jenkins, who’s case she failed to solve 4 years previous, is still alive and possibly being held against her will.

Luke is Debbie’s devoted husband, Cathy, Debbie’s Mum. Both supporting each each to bring up Luke and Debbie’s two young children. It hasn’t been easy but after 4 years maybe its time to move on, Luke’s friendship with Brooke has recently become more romantic, Cathy likes her, the kids like her, Luke likes her, but he can’t shake the guilt that he is letting go of Debbie and betraying her. Just as he seems to be coming to terms with it, DI Harte shows up with news. A baby, the one that was on the news, left abandoned in the storm outside the local Library, it’s Debbie’s baby! What could this mean? Did she run off, have a baby then abandon it, was she safe or was she is serious danger? What did it mean from Luke and Brooke, who was going to look after the baby, where is Debbie/

The story from that point is a head spin of emotions, I felt Luke’s pain for his long lost wife, I felt Cathy’s pain for her daughter. But also Gina, she felt like she let Debbie down by not finding her before, she needs to find her now, she knew all too well what it was like to be abused and she needed, really needed, to help her. But she also needed her daughter, Hannah, to understand and not be angry at her, torn between her work and repairing her relationship with Hannah.

I am trying my very best not to spoil any parts of the story so I will say no more.

Enjoy and let me know if you read it and what you think.


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