2018 Goals

I love the new year, always have got excited for it, I am generally one that loves starting new things and lose interest in them very quickly and a new year is no different. The start of a new year I am fill with anticipation of what the year will bring and anything that didn’t go right this year can now be last years problem and suddenly it doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore.

And all the resolutions too, ideas are made of a more slimmer happier person, I will magically become a morning person who is more organised to bring a healthy packed lunch to work, wearing clothes I lay out the night before and no longer dashing to clock-in 1 minute before my shift starts! My craft room will be used on a regular basis the output to which I can parade on even more regular blog posts. My house will be clean all the time, I will be the perfect human being!!!!

You come find me mid January, I’ll be carbed up, pressing snooze 10 times on my alarm clock, running to work in a creased shirt, going to the deli to buy lunch with the dishwasher full for 5 consecutive days and 3 layers of dust on my craft table!!! Typical.

So I am trying something different for 2018, I am not making resolutions or idealizations. I am setting goals, and not unrealistic one’s either like buying a house with zero savings or lose 8 stone and become an underwear model!! No I am setting habit goals, some daily goals and others monthly, I am also not aiming to hit all goals, which will make more sense once I’ve listed them, but more trying to hit as many as I can each day. So here goes my daily goals I have so far, which I will have a habit tracker for (if you don’t know what a habit tracker is, because I didn’t until recently, I will post mine to Instagram)and I am sure I will add more as the year goes on:

  • No spend days – in an attempt to stop mindlessly spending and becoming better financially I am aiming to have no spend days, which means I also need to be better prepared for work lunches…two birds and all that.
  • 8 hour sleep – self explanatory really but I am terrible at getting a full 8 hours
  • 15 minute clean – I do enjoy a good cleaning session to be fair but I think if I did a 15 minute clean each day the house will stay in order.
  • 1200 calorie day – this is one I want to do most days, but certainly won’t be everyday, I’ve plenty to lose so I need to do this for my health
  • No fizzy drinks – some what of an addiction I need to cut out
  • Meditate – I’ve wanted to meditate, as in its something I do often for years now, it’s time I put that into action.
  • 2 litre water – I am good at drinking water but prob not hitting the 2 litre mark a day
  • Exercise – I am terrible at doing any sort of exercise so its going down as a goal
  • Crafts – I need to spend more time in my craft room

And I have 2 monthly goals, because they are big gestures, of sorts, and they are Self Love and Giving Kindness! I feel like its just as important to look after yourself as it is to look after others. So my self love goals would be the likes of getting my hair done, or going for a massage, just generally treating myself. I have to think about my acts of kindness, I want to do one significant act each month, I have an idea for my January act but I will reveal more later.

That’s it, I hope your year is filled with wonderful things, happiness and health.

Happy 2018

Sharon xx

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